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Salpa Special Food is a leading Italian confectionery company, specialized in the production of ice cream cookies for more than 80 years. The company has then expanded its activities to the production of breadcrumbs, gluten free products, chocolate shells for the ice cream and yogurt industry and micronized thermo treated flours for food and cosmetic use.

In 2007, Cherubini industries opened to the gluten free market and began to produce gluten-free cookies for breakfast with a private label. In 2014, the company decided to launch its own gluten free brands, Kèlinea and Naturaline, with the intention to offer customers with gluten disease a product combining health, safety and taste.

The production facilities occupy a covered area of over 24,000 square meters out of a total area of 72,000 square meters and are equipped with high technology plants and security and control systems that track the various stages of the production chain. The corporate policy that has been in place within Salpa for years is focused above all on a continuous search for new products. The innovative plants coupled with the entire automation of the lines ensure the maximum hygiene of the product, which is subject to continuous controls during the production process.

puntini dorati

The history of Salpa Group is the story of a successful family business venture: Cherubini family has been contributing to the liveliness of the Italian food industry with the unique quality of its products for over half a century . The solid know-how, which has grown over the years, has led the Salpa group to gain the trust of important Italian and international agrifood companies.

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puntini dorati
We have always been leaders in the production of ice cream cookies. Friability and texture for a unique taste experience

Our research and development departement (R&D) never stops, we are always looking for new ways to increase our product range and to improve existing ones.
Thanks to a team of six people involved in the production process and our own laboratory, all directed by Abramo Cherubini and Marco Burattini, the department works on new projects to continuously offer new products to our customers.
Today, in a difficult and competitive market, it is vital for the company to develop new products in order to meet different customer needs, which in the last two decades are constantly evolving, as on one side customers are becoming more health conscious than ever, while on the other one new pathologies linked to food are arising, such as food allergies and GMOs.
In such a changing scenario, Salpa is keeping on investing on innovation, quality and technology, often partnering with experts recognized at international level .
Salpa believes the right way to go is to invest in research & development since the ability to adapt to the environment has always proved successful in the human history.